We Pickle Cucumbers, Cause We Love The Earth


We do not know if pickled cucumbers would help to stop the ecological catastrophe, nevertheless together with the mermaid Ewelina we try to change our consumer attitudes: we cook at home, do not use disposable bags, we planted a tree at the balcony and in general we try to limit our production of everyday waste.

#ecosexuals, #slowlife, #loveplanet, #mermaids_syrenki, #climatechange

In the background an excerpt from the book of Harald Welzer “Climate Wars”


Nie wiem czy ogórki małosolne pomogą zatrzymać katastrofę ekologiczną, ale próbujemy razem z syrenką zmienić nasze konsumpcyjne nastawienia: gotujemy w domu, nie używamy jednorazowych reklamówek, zasadziliśmy drzewko na balkonie i w ogóle ograniczamy produkcję odpadów powszednich.

#ecosexuals, #slowlife, #loveplanet, #mermaids_syrenki, #climatechange

W tle fragment z „Wojen Klimatycznych” Haralda Welzera


Published by

Zofia nierodzinska / Niezofia

I am Zofia nierodzinska for the most of my day, however, sometimes I take a proud figuration of the Femo energeticus - Sofi da East, the Master in Eastern Energy, graduate from the Virtual Feminist University, proprietor of the Advanced Certificate in Self-Photosynthesis, experienced producer and the figuration of Zoe. Since February 2018 due to the romantic relation with a sweet water creature I am in a process of becoming a mermaid. As a female being I am a deputy director of the Arsenal Municipal Gallery in Poznan / Poland As Zofia nierodzinska I studied at: 10.2013 - 02. 2016 Postgraduate Degree Course (MA), Art in Context, University of Arts, Berlin, Thesis: "Materialität der Arbeit. Eine Assemblage. Ein Ziegel. Ein Stück Kuchen" Supervisor: doc. Wolfgang Knapp 09.2012 - 05.2017 PhD, University of Arts, Poznan Thesis: "Where is the Academy? Critical Institution and Science Fiction, towards the Virtual Feminist University" Supervisor: prof. Marek Wasilewski

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