Masz Masz Syrenko!

Nawet nie wspominamy o #SiotrachGodlewskich, fejmem się nie dzielimy 😉


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I became a mermaid just like that. After the defence of my PhD thesis in art history at Adam Tryton University in Poland, I realized I don't need to fit the academic frames. Moreover, for the first time with trully emancipatory agency I said "uhmmm" and realized that standards and conventions of knowledge constantly need to be extended, not only due to the obligatory heteronormative, but also to the harmful, anthropocentric paradigm. I met Zofia nierodzińska, an artist and activist, when she asked me to write a text about Annie Sprinke and Beth Stephen's exhibition she curated and felt in love with her during the protest dedicated to the defence of women rights in Poland. With a golden glamour diadem on her head, she remainded a mermaid to me. Since then we become more and more mermaids, enjoying glittering tails, fins and scales in many contexts. I became involved in arranging mermaid's universum a better place for living.

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