Przybieżeły do Syrenejm – świąteczny syrenozin / Christmas mermaids’ zine



Published by

Zofia nierodzinska / Niezofia

I am Zofia nierodzinska for the most of my day, however, sometimes I take a proud figuration of the Femo energeticus - Sofi da East, the Master in Eastern Energy, graduate from the Virtual Feminist University, proprietor of the Advanced Certificate in Self-Photosynthesis, experienced producer and the figuration of Zoe. Since February 2018 due to the romantic relation with a sweet water creature I am in a process of becoming a mermaid. As a female being I am a deputy director of the Arsenal Municipal Gallery in Poznan / Poland As Zofia nierodzinska I studied at: 10.2013 - 02. 2016 Postgraduate Degree Course (MA), Art in Context, University of Arts, Berlin, Thesis: "Materialität der Arbeit. Eine Assemblage. Ein Ziegel. Ein Stück Kuchen" Supervisor: doc. Wolfgang Knapp 09.2012 - 05.2017 PhD, University of Arts, Poznan Thesis: "Where is the Academy? Critical Institution and Science Fiction, towards the Virtual Feminist University" Supervisor: prof. Marek Wasilewski

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